Integrated Campaign & Media Strategy

Working Cohesively With The Entire Team

Integration saves you time and money. We don’t worry about whose creative is the best or have distracting turf battles about which logo version or slogan to use. We make it all work together for you.

By working directly with your entire campaign team, we can be sure that our creative matches the other campaign teams’ messaging and timing to ensure reinforcement and penetration.

Our integration means more cost-efficient and consistent communications, higher quality for your campaigns, and better results.

Working with the Candidates

Foundation Blue Media doesn’t know it all. That’s why we include your team every step of the way.

For all film shoots, Foundation Blue will proactively reach out to the mail consultants and other vendors as permitted by law and coordinate a comprehensive schedule for having these vendors attend the film shoot to gather photos and other assets that they need. Foundation Blue Media would initiate the process for developing a coordinated schedule early and proactively.

Never Stop Communicating

The most important part of integration is to stay in contact with candidates and elected officials even after the advertisements have been approved and placed. Even after the contract is completed and the elections are over, we will still stay in touch. Foundation Blue Media will continue following the candidates on social media and comment directly with candidates when appropriate.


{What I love about Foundation Blue Media is they understand the importance of state legislatures all across the country--including my home of Kansas. I have always received exceptional service, strong commitment, and quality results from Foundation Blue Media. And they always make it clear that they understand what impacts Kansas impacts the nation just as much as what happens on the East and West Coasts.
Representative Linda Featherston
Kansas House District 16
{Foundation Blue Media understood the unique characteristics of my campaign. and brought an innovative approach specific to our campaign. Thanks to Foundation Blue Media, we were able to target those who needed to see our paid communications on television and online through means that ensured support for my candidacy for New Mexico State Auditor. I would highly recommend Foundation Blue Media.
Joseph Maestas
{Working with Foundation Blue Media was a smart move and I highly recommend them. They are good listeners that incorporated our input into a solid data-driven strategy. They were also extremely responsive and checked in to see how things were going regularly.
Sappey Menefee posing for headshot with American flag background
Christina Sappey, Representative
158th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives
{Stuart is more than just a paid media vendor. Stuart is a general consultant who can be counted on to help with anything and everything that is needed. Stuart assisted in developing our campaign plan, led a campaign strategy retreat, designed the message, was one of the key decision-makers in determining our targeting, and executed persuasive political advertising. And Stuart is a team player. In all his work, he always included, respected, and recognized the importance and value that everyone on our team brought to the table.
Menefee posing for headshot
Christian Menefee
Harris County Attorney