Majority Forward Missouri


Collaborative Infrastructure For The Win

We worked with a centralized research hub to test, inform, and execute our campaign strategies. We used an integrated approach with digital and mail, taking advantage of the most precise digital technology to mitigate waste and make the most out of every dollar.

The Aspiration: Assembling the Dream Team. In 2022, we, alongside top-tier firms R.W. Burke Group, TJP Strategies, and On Message Communications, worked to support the independent expenditure organization, Majority Forward Missouri. Led by State Senator John J. Rizzo, a centralized research hub was brought in house by the donor table to allow for the legal sharing of research. The findings of this research were integral in the creation and execution of the strategies that led to victory in November. 


Our Role: Coordinated Display and Geotargeted Digital. Utilizing the research, our team tested four different mail pieces through digital display ad placements and ultimately designed the direct mail based on the findings of the display ad testing. This work later won a Reed Award for Best Use of Display Advertising.

To ensure full integration with the mail targeting and creative, Majority Forward Missouri utilized Geotargeted Addressable technology to deliver the digital ads to the same address list that the mailers were targeting. This technology averaged a 90%+ match rate, while competing strategies such as IP- and cookie-matching only achieve, on average, a 40-60% match rate. Today, this technique is becoming increasingly crucial. Firefox and Safari have already begun phasing out third-party cookies, and Google will begin to phase them out in the latter half of 2024.


The Result: Winning Where Allies Did Not. This campaign strategy achieved a level of personal connection that helped lead to victory. The Democratic State Senate candidate won by a solid 8 points in a suburban county that also sent a Republican to Congress.

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