George Dungan


Defying the Odds in Conservative States

We produced a Reed Award winning video that elected the senator who would become the deciding vote in an extreme anti-choice bill.

The Challenge: Hold the Seat to Hold Onto the Filibuster. In Nebraska, a coalition of 17 votes (1/3 of the legislature) can filibuster any bill. Although Nebraska ostensibly has a non-partisan unicameral legislature, it was clear that there was a split favoring conservatives by almost a 2-1 margin. In order to retain the filibuster against right-wing legislation, the liberal faction could only afford to lose one seat in its coalition.


Our Solution: A Bare-Knuckled, Award-Winning Video. We created a video for George Dungan entitled “Barger Doesn’t Know,” which won us and our partner Blue Fire Strategies a Reed Award for Best Bare-Knuckled Street Fight Video.


The Result: Nebraskans’ Rights Protected – By One Vote. Dungan won the election by 224 votes – a margin of less than 2%. In April of 2023, the Nebraska State Legislature had an extreme anti-choice bill that would ban abortion at six weeks–before most women even realize they are pregnant. Despite being highly anticipated to pass, the bill failed by just one single vote – Senator George Dungan’s.

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