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Best TV Ad

for Bootstrapped Campaign

We were able to do a full shoot and edit of three 30 second television videos for $8,000 per video including the introductory “Pickle Jars” ad.

We introduced the concept of pickle jars as the centerpiece of the ad, since pickle jars had popped up at gas stations and convenience stores for residents throughout the district who had suddenly faced emergency medical bills or other exigent, unexpected expensive circumstances.

To execute the pickle jar visual affordably, we used an old production technique that was commonplace in the 70’s. We set and filmed the complete frame of all the pickle jars together. We then removed pickle jars, one-by-one, filming each new lesser set of pickle jars in separate shots. Throughout the shoot, we never moved the camera or changed the lighting. In editing, we reversed the sequence so that the scene started with one pickle jar and added each quickly until we had the full group of pickle jars. This effect showed that the extent of the need for pickles jars for unexpected expenses in the district was growing.

To further save money, the videographer established a video link with the director during both the rehearsal and the actual shoot that allowed the director to see in real time what the videographer was seeing through the camera.

Although Helsley lost, his margin of defeat was less than two similar House districts, Districts 25 and 59, that, unlike Helsley, received significant support from the Caucus and/or allied organizations. 

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