New Mexico State House

2016 & 2018 Election Cycles

Lay of the Land

At the outset of the 2016 cycle, New Mexico Republicans controlled the State House by a margin of 37 Republicans to 33 Democrats.

Our Objective

Work with the Caucus on their media program to win back control of the State House.

What We Did

Early on, we recognized the importance of resisting a DC mindset of one-size-fits-all, instead focusing on working with individual candidates to create authentic messages that would resonate with voters. We also helped ensure the team stayed focused on personalized messages, not generic messaging. Our videos incorporated images used in the direct mail program, ensuring full coordination across channels.

Our Results

By the end of 2016, the margin had flipped to 38 Democrats to 32 Republicans— as did control of the Chamber. In 2018, the margin increased again to 46 Democrats and 24 Republicans.