Michigan State House

2018 Election Cycle

Lay of the Land

The Michigan House Caucus had not picked up any seats in the House since 2008. Donors were becoming pessimistic that the Democrats could ever move in the right direction towards regaining a Democratic majority. Foundation Blue was brought in to bring a new perspective to television advertising, focusing on developing each candidate’s unique personal story. Foundation Blue helped reinvigorate the Caucus and win back seats.

Our Objective

Create compelling TV ads for the hard money side of the Michigan House.

What We Did

We personally interviewed each and every candidate, helping develop their personal stories. We created unique advertisements with messages that aligned with both the overarching polling and specific, local issues of importance to each district. We did a group state legislative film shoot to help reduce costs, increasing money available to put the videos in front of the voters.

Our Results

Michigan flipped six seats and ultimately gained five seats in the State House. These were the first net gains for the Michigan State House since 2008.