Indiana State Legislator J.D. Ford

2018 Election Cycle

Lay of the Land

J.D. Ford ran for the Indiana State Senate District 29—a seat held by ultra-conservative, hellraiser Republican Mike Delph for 13 years. Although Ford had a great story to tell, voters’ familiarity with Delph made it tough to persuade voters to switch allegiances.

Our Objective

Show voters how wrong Mike Delph was for them.

What We Did

By putting together a strong, negative advertisement informing voters just how mean-spirited and divisive Mike Delph was, voters realized that they could, and should, change their vote to J.D. Ford.

Our Results

Ford’s victory made the impossible possible. He beat a long-entrenched incumbent—the first time that a Democrat had beaten an incumbent Republican State Senator in over 30 years. Additionally, Ford became the first openly gay state legislator in the history of Indiana.