Delaware State House & Senate

2018 Election Cycle

Lay of the Land

Prior to 2018, both Delaware state legislative caucuses engaged primarily, if not exclusively, in “mail only” programs. These programs spent almost their entire paid media budgets on direct mail. Any digital done by Delaware state legislative campaigns was executed in-house and, for the most part, included solely posting and boosting content on Facebook.

Our Objective

Create an effective and highly targeted digital strategy for both caucuses.

What We Did

We introduced and utilized persuasion digital video, as well as display, for the challenger State Treasurer candidate, four targeted State Senate races, and five targeted State House races. We also created GOTV digital for the New Castle Democratic Committee and the Delaware Democratic Party.

Our Results

The State Senate increased its majority to 12-9 from 11-10, and the State House is now in a supermajority. We beat the Republican Minority Whip in both chambers.